Bodybuilding: An Art and A Science of Precision

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By Jawaaz Ahmad

The human body is probably one of the most impressive and difficult to modify structures found in nature. For those who are competitive bodybuilders, you will understand when I say that bodybuilding is both a form of art and the practice of science. Why? Simply because of the amount of creativity involved. Not creativity, such as drawing, but like the creativity of carving. Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best when it comes to pumping iron when he saw himself as a sculpture. I hope after reading this article you will understand exactly how complicated it can be to be a competitive bodybuilder.
Body Building as an Art
Bodybuilding is more than massive men and women standing in front of a crowd. It is easier to grab a brush and canvas and create a landscape or animal portrait than a bodybuilder. In bodybuilding, you have to grab a dumbbell and a bench and go to work. It is not an art that takes place within a week or a month. This is a continuous process covering 24 hours per month and years. Have you ever seen George Butler’s pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger? This figurative set makes it clear that bodybuilding represents a form of art. He portrays Arnold’s well-carved body along the water’s edge, older women, and ivy walls. This is one of the most perfect forms of art: human achievement.
Those who have competed in bodybuilding competitions will know how difficult it is to prepare the body for the show. Most people spend about 12 weeks preparing their bodies. Gymnastics spends at the gym, bending and working muscles in the right way to grow. They must also develop in the right direction and in the right proportion. As in the case of engineering, you need to provide a stable structure and a proper foundation for keeping in time. Make sure their calves are properly adjusted to their quads and that they are in proper proportion and symmetrical between them. From there. you can come to an almost non-existent waist, which, after correct appearance, seems to fade with the right twist. Then . you have a belly that must have the right amount of separation. If they are too far away from each other counts against you. If there is no proper separation, you have to return to the treadmill and lose some water. After the abs, you have the back muscles that you can see from all sides. The backrest must be displayed not only on the back, but also on the front and side. Three-dimensional features make them win. Depth, Width and Separation- all these qualities must be so obvious that judges can only ooh and aah.
Do not forget about your chest. It seems like large pieces of meat hanging from your blades. Here, two different parts of the muscles look so sophisticated and synchronized that they flow with considerable separation. Shoulders are lined up on the canvas of a bodybuilder / artist. They must appear as large boulders on the top of the shoulders. They have to be so big that they shed shadows on other competitors.
Once you’ve got the basics to build, you have to carefully grasp and etch the characters that make this art unique. This is when you add the definition of muscle and separate the muscles. You pick up a hammer and chisel and create deep and broad valleys between each muscle group, enough to divert water. Now, add the dishes just below the skin to look as alive. These ships prove that a lot of work and sweat fell into this sculpture. Show the blood flowing to any further body boundary. If you work hard enough and slave over your sculpture long enough, you can create magic lines in your belly muscles. Strings. Occurring as small lines in the muscle, bands show one of the highest levels of definition and artistry possible in bodybuilding.
Body Building in the Domain of Science
Bodybuilding can be easily classified as learning. It includes experiments, research, practice and precision. The Bodybuilding experience covers more than just the use of anabolic substances. It requires modification of water consumption to prevent stretching on stage. Bodybuilding is about experimenting with different over-the-counter supplements to see which ones work best for your body. This involves experimenting with tannins to find out which one makes your body look the toughest. We experiment with droplets, super kits, circumferential training and pyramids in the hope of gaining an edge over the opponents. This is a trial and error sport consisting of a large number of errors. Fortunately, we do not experiment with explosive fluids or probably do not meet in the sport.
Research is a key component of bodybuilding as science. You will not go to the food store and buy the first found powder. I , personally will take several different powders of different companies and compare the amount, amount of carbohydrates and proteins and cost. This is a time consuming process because these days, there are so many companies. Take advantage of Amazing Protein Finder to find the perfect protein to suit your needs! The tests are also performed on a storage cabinet. We pull the last issue of the magazine and buy it with a promise to get to know the latest and best exercises or supplements to “Huge in 12 weeks”. We conduct research, asking questions at the gym. We ask him what kind of exercise he is doing to look that way. We do all this in the hope that it does not lead us to believe that he is taking steroids.
Practice is probably one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding as science. As we all know, there is no single program or “routine” that will respond well. A bodybuilder must spend time at the gym, doing a variety of different weight training and repetitions. We practice posing in the mirror while preparing the competition to find out what angle makes our muscles look the best and what hides our weaknesses. We are moving large quantities of weights in the hope that our muscles will become stronger. This is similar to a baseball pitcher throwing a curve. He’s not going to play the game and try his 4-ball fastballs with medium battalion.
Bodybuilding requires precision ; we must be precise in every move we make to prevent body damage. Precision is involved in calculating calories, protein and fat in our diets. We use precision when we have a week of competition and determine the amount of water we can drink when we have to eliminate it and how many diuretics we can take before contracting uncontrollably. It’s about precision when we learn how far in the light we have to stand to eliminate the shadows so that all our muscles are displayed at its best. For those who are similar to me, accuracy is definitely important when it comes to knowing how much peanut butter we can eat a week without fat competition.
I hope after reading this you will understand what I mean when bodybuilding is both an art and a science. This is not a sport for deaf muscular heads (not that it has ever been) who just pumped steroids in their bottom. It is a sport that will win those who are able to create the best sculpture. This is a sport that has won a scientist who is making every effort to understand what it takes to get the body respond in the most positive and efficient way. Bodybuilding is for those of us who want to show the greatest effort to achieve the highest level of success.

—The author is a body builder. He is currently pursuing his M Tech in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems from Visveswaraya Technological University and can be reached at: