Is a Peaceful World an Impossible Dream?

Is a Peaceful World an Impossible Dream?

By Zeeshan Rasool Khan
By peace, we mean the state of not being interrupted or annoyed by worry, problems, noise, or unwanted actions. Peace, in relation with socio-political affairs of world signifies, “Freedom from war and conflict”. The history of wars dates back to 2700 BCE and first war took place between Sumer and Elam in Mesopotamia. Centuries later, the 1918 war (First World War) was supposed to be the “War to end wars” but, we have to admit that it could not bring end to wars and conflicts; rather it paved way for more bloodshed, still continuing, making inferno out of heaven.
The majority of people around the globe earnestly desire to breathe in peaceful atmosphere which however, seems to be an impossible dream. A look at the present state of affairs really disturbs. It literally discourages us to dream of a peaceable world. The reasons are many but the major ones that have put a deadlock in the way of peace process are: growth of population, especially in poor countries, increasing competition among people for resources, jobs and opportunities in general and between political and economic powers, in particular. As the gulf between rich and poor countries widens coupled with engagement of countries in race for the technological advances particularly technologies of killing and bombarding ,technically called “arms race”, it appears unrealistic to dream of absence of conflict and wars.
If we analyze the prevailing situation that world is going through, we find on-going conflicts within countries and between countries have largely an economic and political background. The Iraq war (Second Gulf War), the Syrian uprising and so on , all have roots in political and economic hegemony. Palestine and Kashmir continue to reel under gloom due to economic and political ambitions of particular countries. Consequently, no continent, no country is free from disturbance.
The question that arises is: Should peace-loving people stop aspiring for a peaceful world? Should they adjust to the status-quo? Don’t they have role to play to bring about a change in the setting. The answer is a big No .The one responsible for wars and conflicts is human and the one whose efforts can replace war with peace is also human.
Pessimism is not in human genes; optimism is. A human, best among creatures, has been bestowed with capacities to change the system around him. But, how he can be cause of the change? .Gandhi has an answer to this: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.
By becoming such a change, strive to become expert at living, spread love and be good to people around you. Create an island of peace in your life. If you do it, it will spread. If majority of us do this, our islands will meet and would transform into a continent, capable of overshadowing islands of rapacity, ambitions of economic and political power formed within us.
We desire to live life of kings, to get lucrative employment and so on but that should not be at the cost of others’ livelihood. It is our right to dream big but that dream should not shatter dream of others. We have to strive for wining competition we enter into but that competition should not push us into cut-throat competition. Every ruler wants his country to flourish, to progress and to be stable in all aspects_-socially, economically and politically- but such yearnings shouldn’t lead us to devastate other nations. For a harmonious life, harmony in and around our habitation is important. Thus, we should believe in “Live and let live”. When this passion will get breath, day is not far when peace would thrive all around.
To be precise, peace in world is subservient to our action each one of us takes in life. Let’s crave to transform our dream into realism and work in this direction fervently by changing our perspective and by shifting our eyes from egotism to altruism. That is only the way to attain the goal of a peaceful world. Else looking at world like people at helm do, will further worsen the condition..
In the words of Martin Luther King:
“Darkness cannot drive darkness,
Only love can do that
Hate cannot drive out hate
Only love can do that.”

—The author works in the Education Department. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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