Why They Attack my Dignity?

Why They Attack my Dignity?
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Samreena Zahoor Lone

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, has quite remarkable said that, ‘the most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those deaths’. This quote depicts the all trauma and sufferings which Kashmiri women have gone through from last thirty years of turmoil. The soft target of the state from the entire front is this weak section of the society. The conflict has not only snatched happiness and joy for them but it have left them with high depression and a fearful life. The ongoing braid chopping is again one of the attempt to attack on the dignity of the women , in general, and Kashmir, in particular.
As the braid chopping menace looms large on Kashmir society, things are worsening. The ongoing braid chopping incidents from last one month in the Valley have once again created an atmosphere of fear and insecurity. The Indian armed force along with J&K police who are known for their counter operations against the armed rebellion militants, which was started in late 1980’s still are clue less. Although, they claim that they have one of the strong intelligence mechanisms and resources viz-a-viz Kashmir. However, the fact is both policing as well as the local civil administration has failed to deliver their duties in protecting the dignity of the women. Although Kashmiri women have shown unprecedented resilience, they have been the worst sufferers of the brutality that remains under the control and direction of men of diverse ideologies and operating architectures.
Zarekh Shah, one of the famous Sufi saints of Kashmir has once said that “Mass Cxethan, Lukh wadaan, woecheth Eun, Tie Boozeth Zerh” means “Hair chopping, people weep… they see but act blindly, heard but deaf.” The words of Zarekh Shah are as relevant as they were in his time. We as a society have failed to come from the dilemmas and paradoxes in which we have lost the three generations of our youths. The state once again have failed in its promises that it acts for the sake of good, instead it showed its colors with new propagandas and hypes. People are watching with weeping tears, but act blindly and they hear but still are deaf.
There is no letup in the ongoing Braid Chopping incidents in Kashmir Valley. People living in different areas are upset, cross fingered and aghast over such a heinous crime which has unfortunately created fear psychosis and unrest among women folk. We, as people, have failed to understand the politics behind this braid chopping; we forget the real issues when a new one takes birth in Kashmir. As the recent development shows that people were fighting in preserving their identity when article 35 (A) was in every nook and corner of the valley. But what happened …all new things reshaped our past thinking. The air of the Valley is “smogged” by panic created by braid choppers is true.
The sensation is not new for people of the valley. We have countersigned nightly goons (Bhoot) in 1990’s. We magnificently overcame every assault with the grace of Almighty so will be this time but we have to be conscious as many innocent too were beaten by public which is damaging our values and ethos of culture we live in. We have to subscribe to patience while working violently with caution. Time will uncover the whole kit and caboodle. We should not work and built a view in rush. We must not permit the swashbucklers to seizure the situation in their favour ,because our asset is our unison and faith over one another.
Here I remember the golden and evergreen words of Paulo Coelho, one of the voices in the world who have notably said that, “Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering”. Perhaps ours is the same story.


—The author hails from Ushkura, Baramulla and is pursuing her Masters in History from IGNOU. She can be reached at: [email protected]



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