Orwellian Nightmare and the Modern Social Structure

Orwellian Nightmare and the Modern Social Structure

By Mudasir Sheikh

Creating digital copies of individuals by compiling information about biometric signatures, internet history and social media activities has created a perfect base for governments and mega corporation to control, predict and mold individual behavior and entire societies. Exponential developments in the field of artificial intelligence and quantum computing have opened the doors for converting humans into humanoid robots and cybernetic individuals. The digital copies of individuals has created a parallel world stored somewhere into the big data warehouses of governments and big corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Incredibly complex algorithms are run by powerful supercomputers on these digital copies for analyzing thousands of variables in order to find patterns for predicting the future behavior of individuals and society as a whole grant these masters a total control over masses.
A single person by the name of “Eric Arthur Blair” better known by his pen name “George Orwell” was able to perceive this terrifying aspect of humanity. Orwell’s famous book “1984” predicted these misfortunes of humanity by the way of total control, mass surveillance and police state. The book was written in 1946, but it contains a comprehensive narrative against the breach of individual privacy, injustice and total authoritarianism. The open-ended surveillance programs have collected Exabyte’s of data during last two years only, which is more than the human race has produced during the last two thousand years. The use of predictive policing technology in Canada, Sesame credit in China, Aadhaar in India, Humanoid Robots, Cybernetics, RFID implants, Artificial intelligence(AI) and quantum computing are all individual pieces of this mass surveillance and total control agenda
A social engineering game by the name of “Sesame credit” developed by the Chinese government is being used to rate the citizens according to their adherence to the policies of Government. The data for rating citizens is fetched from social media, search engine history and online purchases of a person. By sharing links on social media which are in favor of Chinese government increases, the sesame credit score of a person and vice versa. Similarly, purchasing those goods which are promoted by government propaganda enhances the Sesame credit score and by purchasing imported goods from countries like Japan brings down the credit score of a person. The higher credit score makes life comfortable by granting easy access to credit, more job opportunities and easy travel documentation and a lower credit score have got opposite effects. Chinese citizens are now playing according to the whim of their government as they are competing for higher credit scores by sharing their scores on social media. This is exactly what Chinese government wants them to do. Their intention is to make people compete with each other for higher credit scores which in turn make them more obedient to the government.
China has also developed the most comprehensive surveillance system in the world by installing a network of 20 million CCTV cameras equipped with artificial intelligence technology. The system recognizes a person by facial recognition and then displays a pop up containing the personal information on the computer screen. The system matches the biometric signatures of a person with centralized data storehouse which Chinese government has already build up by issuing photo identification cards similar to Aadhaar in India, to every individual above the age of 11 years. It is not only the Chinese government which is collecting data about their citizens but big Corporations like Apple, Samsung and are also collecting biometric information of their customers when they use their biometric signature to unlock a mobile phone. The data is stored and later used to modify the behavior of individuals in a similar manner as governments do.
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip market is expected to reach $25-40 billion by 2020. RFID chips are the small electronic device about the size of the grain of rice consisting of a small chip which can store data, an antenna and interrogator which is a two-way transmitter and receiver. These devices are implanted between thumb and index finger of a person.
Companies like Winson, Swedish Biohax, Epicenter, Belgium marketing firm New Fusion and Three Square have already implanted these chips to their employees. Elon Musk is committed to taking RFID to the next stages of evolution by starting a company “Neuralink” which is working towards implanting these chips into the brain of humans, thereby connecting them to the internet. Currently, it is being promoted as a tool of convenience as it grants an easy access to opening doors, buying snacks, log in to computers and other faculties within the premises of the company. But, it can also serve as a tool of surveillance and subjugation as other external electronic devices can be easily connected to it.
The RFID chip implants have created serious problems as these contais financial, medical and other sensitive information about a person. It is a goldmine for hackers. It is permanently implanted to the person and cannot be separated, so it poses serious health hazards in a long run due to the constant emission of radio waves. It has made privacy a joke and freedom an illusion because of the information it can give out ranging from the duration of working hours to toilet breaks to driving speed . It is definitely a nightmare for whole humanity.
In a recent press conference, “Mukesh Ambani” stated that data is new oil for the fourth industrial revolution and humanity is on the verge of exponential change. Actually, he was talking with reference to high-speed internet, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Mukesh Ambani led JIO telecom has brought India at the 15th rank in terms of global 4G adoption. There is a deep connection between high-speed internet, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum computing. Artificial intelligence has the ability to solve problems in the same manner as humans do. Quantum computing, on the other hand, has increased the speed of computation by millions of times faster than today’s supercomputers. A problem that would take a lifetime of the universe for its computation can be solved by a quantum computer in a few seconds. Some big players in the field of information technology like Google, Microsoft and Apple have collected a huge amount of information about every aspect of our life. How this big data can be used depends upon the intentions of interested parties, like the government may use it for identifying potential threats to the national security and for predicting the behavior of citizens and big corporations can use it for predicting consumer behavior and for promoting their products.
. Leading weapon manufacturers like “Lockheed Martin” have invested a huge amount of money into the field of artificial intelligence and quantum computing thereby inventing new ways of killing fellow humans. In addition to a direct threat to human lives, these new technologies have a capacity to abolish millions of jobs across the globe by fully automating the production processes. The US has witnessed a rise of 42% increase in its production capacity from 1993 to 2013 but the number of working hours that is 194 billion have remained constant during the same time period. During the first decade of 21st century, 40% of new graduates in the US were forced to take jobs that do not require a degree. This sufficiently explains the shrinking rate of job opportunities in the US and across the globe. With the development of technology, the elite 1% of our society is getting more and more powerful. The future may witness a universal wage system for all the unemployed or a minority ruling over us like dictators; thereby bring back the concept of slavery. This is definitely an Orwellian nightmare for whole humanity

The author is an Independent Researcher. He can be reached at:[email protected]

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