Vehicles parked outside liquor stores create nuisance on boulevard

Vehicles parked outside liquor stores create nuisance on boulevard

Aakash Hassan

SRINAGAR: During evening hours, commuters face traffic jams due to vehicles parked on the road outside liquor stores at Hemal hotel on boulevard road.
People who drive on boulevard complain that columns of the vehicle are parked on either side of the road when people “stop to buy liquor”.
“Every day, more than ten auto-rickshaws and cars remain parked outside the liquor shops,” said a commuter. “It leads to traffic a jam on regular basis.”
“The road is already congested, and when you park vehicles there, it leads to traffic jams. There is no traffic police man (posted) to manage it,” he said.
The Shikara walllas, restaurant owners and hoteliers in the area also complain that traffic jams hamper their work. “Tourists come back to their rooms in evening. But due to clogged road, they find it inconvenient, which is problem for our business,” said a Shikara owner.
The government registered liquor shops, situated in the Hotel Hemal, are a property of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC).
Local residents say that the entry to the liquor stores has been separated from the main entrance towards the building. “They have cut a gate that divides entry leading to the liquor from entry to other facilities,” a local said. This stops vehicles, which earlier entered the hotel premises, from parking inside.
“If the shops are in the Hemal building, parking in the building should also be accessible. How can they make a separate entrance just for their own convenience and let people suffer?” said a café owner. He complained that his business was suffering because of the congestion.



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