Pregnant women wait for hours on pavements in SKIMS Bemina

Pregnant women wait for hours on pavements in SKIMS Bemina
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Hospital has no waiting lounges, parks are off bounds for waiting patients

SRINAGAR: Patients who come for consultations at the Sheri Kashmir Institute Medical Sciences Bemina find themselves standing in long queues, sometimes for hours, as the hospital lacks seating areas for patients in wait. These patients and their attendants can sometimes be seen sitting on the road while waiting to see a doctor.
Though the hospital has constructed ‘public’ parks around the hospital, for few years now, the parks have remained off the bounds for public. Patients and their attendants can be seen eating their meals while sitting on the pavements outside the hospital buildings.
“For pregnant women, this hospital has no (waiting) areas. We are being forced to sit on road or the footpaths – whether it is scorching heat or rains. There are no shelters to save yourself from sun and rain,” Asia, 27, from Magam said. “There are no facilities like drinking water or washroom outside the wards either. The government has turned blind.”
Another gynecology patient, Sharifa, from Sumbal, narrated a similar ordeal. She said sometimes women waitied for hours for their turn to see the doctor. But the wait she said, was “heart-wrenching and disgusting”, due to the absence of benches or chairs.
“We request the chief minister to intervene. We also request the hospital administration to arrange for seating and throw open parks for waiting patients,” she said.
Director SKIMS Dr A G Ahanger was not available for comment.


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