Hurriyat condemns forces action on families of militants

Hurriyat condemns forces action on families of militants
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SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference-led by Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday while blaming state administration for pushing nation into civil war like situations, said that forces and police are raiding and ransacking properties in South Kashmir.
In a statement, the amalgam strongly condemned authorities for its revengeful approach against relatives and families of militants in Shopian, Tral and several other localities in South Kashmir, said that they have crossed all limits and added that forces action against civilians and arresting relatives of militants is unjustified, unconstitutional and a worst kind of state terrorism.
Targeting families related to militants is against all ethics as they have nothing to do with the activities of those facing resistance and working in active field, it said.
“No law on earth permits retaliatory action against families of militants and terming it frustration of authorities,” it said while demanding end to arbitrary actions against those not involved in militant activities.
“India is losing its ground and failed to break our resolve for freedom and added that suppressive measures won’t deter us from our cherished mission, nor it will break our resolve,” it added.
The amalgam while decrying these arbitrary measures, said that the more they rely on these suppressive and oppressive measure, the more we will become stronger and it will reinforce our commitment with ongoing freedom movement.
It expressed its deep concern and sorrow over the increasing incidents of braid chopping incidents and said that there is not an iota of doubt that administration and police is shielding these criminals and under well thought out plane, they are being rescued and declared as innocents.


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