Students living in fear, coaching centres, womens colleges worst affected: PSAK

Srinagar: Private Schools Association of Kashmir (PSAK) has expressed its deep concern over the unabated braid chopping incidents happening in the valley which has created fear psychosis among students at all levels in schools, colleges, universities and coaching centres.
The Association said that the incidents happening in almost each and every district has affected the students both physically and mentally. “Girl students fear to go to schools, the boys fear to venture into outside areas as the former might be victim of braid chopping and later getting accused of such incidents by mobs. Both academics and extra-curricular activities stand affected,” said G N Var president PSAK. “It has disturbed the student community entirely. Even the discussions and normal talk in educational institutions start and end with braid chopping incidents.”
The Association said that the failure of government to nab the culprits has made situation worse. “Our biggest victims have been students at coaching centres. These students both boys and girls used to come for tuition early morning and leave late evening, but now they fear to attend classes. Girls and their parents don’t want to take any risk and fear they may be their next target,” said Var.
The Associations said that the state had done tremendous progress in girl education but now the braid chopping incidents is hampering the same. “We had never encountered such a situation where girls fear to go to schools and colleges. Even in 90s girl education was never hit, but now the situation is terrifying for girls,” said Var.