Entry gates at girl’s schools, colleges remain insecure

SRINAGAR: While the incidents of mysterious hair sniffing incidents occurred unabated in Kashmir valley, the girl students are afraid of attending their schools and colleges in Srinagar. The students of Kothibagh Girls Higher Secondary, Women’s College MA Road and Soura Girls Higher Secondary, while hanging-out in the lawns of their educational institutions, expressed concerns on their safety.
The students of the said institutions complained there were no proper security arrangements made by the concerned authorities as strangers were allowed to enter the vicinity without proper verification.
The lack of seriousness on part of the authorities to safeguard the students at these educational centers can be gauged by making a single visit. This correspondent was able to enter the premises without any verification as the staff assigned with responsibility to monitor the entry points were busy in scrolling their mobile phones.
“We are really scared because of the current situation in the valley and we are not able to go to school alone. Whenever we plan to go to school, the students assemble somewhere on the busy street and later on approach towards the school in a group,” Shifiya an 11th class student told Kashmir Reader.
The 11th class students of Kothibagh Girls Higher Secondary School said that parents were not allowing them to attend the school due to the rising fear of hair sniffers. They claim that school authorities have threatened them to attend classes otherwise they won’t be allowed to sit in the exams.
Mehak Bhat, a Science student from Soura Girls Higher Secondary said that her mother after witnessing the security arrangements accompanies her to the school and back. “The gate of our school is always open during school hours. There are several non-locals selling bhail-puri inside the campus and who knows who they are,” said Mehak.
The security arrangements were also expressed by the students of Women’s College at MA Road. The Principals of these institutions said that they will take serious note regarding the lax security at entry points. “I assure that such incidents won’t take place in future and everyone’s identity will be verified before entering the premises,” Shaheen Altaf, Principle Women’s College said.
Education Minister Altaf Bukhari said that government will provide one separate security guard to every education institution. “Apart from providing security guards to the schools and colleges, I will issue a circular that students and staff should to be allowed into colleges and schools after looking at their identity cards,” he said.