Abandoned by owner, horse felled by speeding car dies painfully

Magam: A wounded horse was left to die on roadside as the authorities failed to provide medical aid to the immobile horse for several days. A dog was spotted near the gasping horse on Wednesday, apparently waiting for the death of ill-fated steed who was hit by a speeding car at Waripora on Srinagar Gulmarg highway last week. Before its painful death, the wounded horse remained untouched on the roadside for five days and nobody from the administration came forward to rescue him.
After his picture was widely circulated on social media, the officials woke up and took him to next place to ‘give him proper treatment’. However, locals said that the horse was removed from the public gaze only to be allowed to die silently. The owner of the abandoned horse has not come forward to claim him.
“His (horses) condition and pain was heart-wrenching. We could hardly bear to stand in front of him. Such was the intensity of his pain, thirst and hunger,” Abdur Rashid, a local resident said.
“The locals were dismayed after seeing his condition and called SDM Tangmarg Aziz Ahmad Rather to intervene,” he said.
After the SDM sent a team to the spot, th horse was lifted in an auto and left at a forlorn place. The horse died later.
Rather told Kashmir Reader that chief husbandry officer was sansitized by tehsildar to take cognizance.
“The horse was there for a night or so. It is an offence to abandon animals without any genuine reason,” he said.
“It is first such incident from my area. Unfortunate part of the saga is that the owner of the horse could not be traced,” he said.
The Chief Animal Husbandry officer had been informed and our first target was to take him away from main road. Chief animal husbandry officer Mohammad Shafi said that he was not aware about the incident. Dr War, an animal husbandry officer, said that the vets gave medical assiatance to the horse. “That is what we could have done,” he said. As per the animal rights act, 1960 a person harming animal is an offence and he shall be imprisoned for at least three months.


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