Jammu Kashmir’s special status non-negotiable: NC

Jammu Kashmir’s special status non-negotiable: NC
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‘Govt’s splurge for CM visits shameful’

SRINAGAR: National Conference (NC) on Monday lashed out at the state administration over “extravagant expenditure” for the chief minister’s stay at the Budgam Dak Bunglow and condemned the inconveniences caused to people on account of a blanket unscheduled power-cut to adjoining villages in the district.
In a statement, NC state spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said, “The previous similar extravagance for CM’s visits to Kupwara and other places earlier exhibits the government’s insensitivity towards people who are reeling under the incompetence and inefficiency of a disconnected state government.”
“Lakhs of rupees have been spent with the singular purpose of extending extravagant protocol to the chief minister at a time when her government is isolated from people at the grassroots level due to misgovernance and rampant corruption,” he said.
Mattu said crores of rupees have been spent on upgrading the chief minister’s Delhi residence too, “indicating the misplaced priorities of this government”. “The administration should realise that it is accountable to people and cannot go on spending sprees for the CM’s personal comforts and protocol without a sense of austerity and accountability,” he said.