BJP unhappy over ‘slow pace’ of projects in J&K

JAMMU: The BJP, which shares power with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, on Monday expressed displeasure over the “slow pace” of developmental projects and said deadlines should be fixed and punishment given to officers showing slackness.
State BJP spokesman Virender Gupta said most of the projects do not even get started and those which start, often do not reach their logical end.
He named a number projects and said the targets fixed for execution of various works are not achieved because of lack of coordination and monitoring.
“There should be fixing of deadline for completion of each job (developmental project) and those officers or concerned persons showing slackness and not meeting the targets fixed, should be taken to task,” Gupta said in a statement here.
“As per the reports, the physical verification of nearly 1500 projects across the state is still being avaited from the concerned department despite the lapse of several months,” he said.
The BJP leader underlined the necessity for assessing the financial implication and physical progress of projects to ensure their completion within a stipulated time frame.