2 persons falsely accused as braid choppers

Police files case

Srinagar: Police has taken cognizance of rumours being spread by some people through social media, Facebook and WhatsApp, about the capture of so-called braid choppers at Nishat, Srinagar. An FIR has been lodged and an investigation has been started to identify the persons involved in fabricating the news. The truth about the photograph circulated is that
On the evening of October 6, two local residents captured two persons at Nishat, accusing them of being braid choppers. They were beaten and thrashed severely by the persons from the neighbourhood. As the police got to know about the incident, a team promptly rushed to the spot and took custody of the ‘captured persons’. They were however let off after proper investigation and treatment as they had received injuries during their public thrashing.
One of them, Sameer Ahmad Khan, son of Noor Mohammad Khan, resident of Ahmad Nagar, runs a boutique at Gojwara, Srinagar, under the banner of ‘Silayee Ghar’. He, along with his friend, Tahir Ahmad Beigh, son of Ghulam Qadir Beigh, resident of Gujwara, had gone to collect some material from one of his customers, the sister-in-law (name withheld) of Sameer’s brother, resident of Ishbar Nishat.
As the duo reached near the girl’s house, some two or three persons raised an alarm, suspecting that they were ‘braid choppers’. Meanwhile several other residents gathered and started beating them mercilessly. They could have been lynched if the police had not acted on time and rescued them.
However, since Monday morning, some Facebook and WhatsApp user groups started to spread rumours about them that they had admitted their guilt as being ‘braid choppers’.
Police has taken cognizance of these rumours, and a case FIR number 54 has been registered in Police Station Nishat. The investigation of the case is going on and efforts are on to identify the persons involved in fabricating the news. The police has requested the general public to not pay heed to rumour mongers.