Villages in Uri being caged within ‘smartfences’

Villages in Uri being caged within ‘smartfences’
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Baramulla: For the past several days the army has been ‘smart fencing’ the Line of Control in Uri sector to stop cross-border infiltration. Residents of five villages in the area say they have been caged by these fences.
A ‘smart fence’ is a layer of six wires in which strong nets can be fixed on both sides with strong iron poles and four layers of razor wire remain between the net. The army also wants to install CCTV cameras at every one kilometre to watch the fence round the clock from their camp. The army will also build underground bunkers along the smart fence in Uri sector.
Villagers of Hathlanga, Tilawari, Churanda, Soura, Silikote and of other nearby areas said that the army should install their fence on the other end of the villages, where the previousfence had been put up.
Village head of Churanda, Laldin Ahmad, said that the army started the work of smart fencingseveral days ago, putting to work local porters into it. He said the army was also constructing new bunkers. “We want them to install thefence on the other side of our village. The previous fence was installed on the other side and gates were installed near the entry of our villages. This time, they are installing it on the other side, caging the villages on both sides,” Ahmad said.
Gulam Nabi, resident of Churanda, said that five villages are now completely inside thefences, making it difficult for both locals and outsiders to enter or leave the village. “We want to free our villages from the army gates,” he said.
Nabi said the villagers went to speak to army officers but they denied the demand and said that the villagers should contact the government.


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