Mismanagement mars CRC Bemina

With already in news for being a headless institution, impeding its growth, the Composite Rehabilitation Centre (CRC), Bemina is once again in news after it has failed to release salary of many ex-contractual employees who have been relieved of their duties two years ago.

Sources revealed that around nine to ten employees, who were working in different departments, and even some class fourth employees, have been denied their salaries after they were relieved from services two long years back.

“In some cases there are two to three months’ of salary that is still lying with the department, and even after continuously reminding the officials about the pending wages, the requests are falling onto deaf ears,” these employees said.

Many of the employees who were relieved of their duties, after the expiry of their contract with the Centre, have taken to different private jobs, while some are still searching for employment to make their ends meet. For such cases, the withheld salary means a lot. With those, who are busy with other jobs, they have forgotten their case of getting their wages from the centre, as to date their case has not been heard carefully, another employee who too was relieved, said.

“I started with a new job, after I was relieved of my duty at CRC. Initially, I pressed hard for my wages, then when I saw their callous approach, I considered it a gone case,” says another former employee, wishing not to be named.  “Now, if they will release my wages, well and good, if not, then what on earth can I do,” he said.

Pertinently, there are some other cases, which cannot afford to forget about their ‘hard-earned’ pending wages at the Centre, and are continuously pressing hard for the release of their wages.

They have, numerous times, approached the higher ups in this regard, however, were every time, given false hopes, “we have been pressing hard for our wages for last 2 years, but it is of no use, as every time we are sent back by saying: ‘in few weeks it will be released.’ ” said Tariq Ahmad, adding “those few weeks have now changed into two years, and our wages are still pending.”

At such situations, the departments usually come up with the argument that there is paucity of funds, which is not making it possible for them to release wages, however, as per sources there is no dearth of funds at CRC.

While commenting on the issue, Director In charge, CRC Hashmat Ali said that he was aware of this issue and is making sure that these ex-employees should get their pending wages lying at the centre.

“There are certain formalities that needs to be done, and once that is done, the pending wages will be released with no further delay,” he said.

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