‘Despite threats, intimidation bar president siding with truth’

SRINAGAR: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Thursday lauded High Court Bar Association and its president, Mian Abdul Qayoom, for adopting a “bold approach” by challenging and questioning the Jammu and Kashmir’s so-called “accession” in Indian Supreme Court.
Reportedly, the affidavit filed by the Bar Association challenging the validity of the so-called accession has “shocked” the Indian Court.
In a statement, DeM general secretary said that despite being intimidated and threatened by the Indian government and its agencies, Mian Abdul Qayoom’s stand against the so-called accession is worth appreciation.
“India is using all tactics including NIA raids and other cheap tricks to muzzle the genuine voices from Kashmir. Mian Abdul Qayoom Sahab too was harassed by this Indian agency recently, but his stand and now the challenge to illegal Indian occupation in India’s highest court speaks volumes about his courage and his urge to support the truth,” she added.
“It is a sign of a true follower of Islam that he/she doesn’t get bogged down by oppressive tactics but always speaks and supports the truth,” she added.
Nasreen said that this Supreme Court of India is a judicial institution of the same country which has “illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir for the past seven decades”.
“So to put forward the truth that challenges the illegal occupation at its own court is highly praiseworthy and we hail this bold approach adopted by the Bar Association,” she added.
“Like the Bar Association, if other intellectuals and institutions of Kashmir adopt a similar approach and tell India that it is oppressing the Kashmiris and is illegally occupying our land and people, then that day isn’t far when we will be free of this brutal occupation,” she added.
She further urged the Indian people especially its intellectuals and the educated class to thoroughly go through the contents affidavit filed by the Bar Association and then pressurize their government to end the “illegal occupation of JK”.
Meanwhile, Nasreen expressed grave concern over the attacks of Kashmiri prisoners in Tihar jail.
Two Kashmiri prisoners including Javiad Ahmad and Mohammad Shafi were ruthlessly beaten inside the Tihar jail on Tuesday.
“Kashmiris are illegally and unlawfully arrested and then are brutally attacked inside Indian jails. It is unbearable and unacceptable that the Kashmiri prisoners, who are an asset to the Kashmiris and the ongoing resistance movement, are subjected to such treatment inside the Indian jails. We will never tolerate such heinous acts against our people,” she added.
“India is doing all this to keep Kashmiris oppressed but such oppressive tactics won’t work and the people of Kashmir will continue their struggle until the last Indian armed man leaves JK,” she added.