Vohra asks DPS students to understand day to day happenings

Inaugurates centre for visually impaired

SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir Governor NN Vohra on Tuesday advised students at Delhi Public School (DPS) to “understand” happenings around them on day-to-day basis in the Kashmir Valley for making better choices in their lives.
“There are problems everywhere. We have problems here (Kashmir) too. We should not allow these problems to overtake us. Whatever happens around, you should take steps to understand them so that you can make better choices in future. What is in the world that can’t be set right?” said Vohra at an event in Delhi Public School. Vohra was accompanied his wife Usha Vohra.
Vohra said Kashmir has witnessed troubled times which now a days has become a norm for last many years.
In 2014, he said, there was flood which destroyed everything, in 2016, Kashmir was shut and students were made to stay away from schools, and 2017 there was a “terrorist attack” around the school which led into a prolonged encounter.
The encounter, he said, damaged books and valuable assets.
Vohra was invited by the school administration to observe the work done for Special Educational Needs and visually impaired Children. Vice Principal DPS Shafaq told Kashmir Reader that the school at present has 110 special-abled children. She said they are undergoing education since 2012, and have produced a number of students who are earning for themselves.
Vohra and the First Lady inaugurated the Satya Devi Resources Centre for Visually Impaired at the School.
Ms. Qurat-ul-Ain, Incharge of the Satya Devi Centre, who herself is visually impaired, gave a presentation about the objectives and activities of the Centre. Governor and First Lady visited the School’s Special Education Needs Centre where they interacted with the Faculty and the students at various levels and with different impairments, and learnt about the therapeutic activities which they were undertaking to be able to better manage their impairments and also gain skills. Governor and First Lady also visited the Atal Innovation Laboratory where students apprised them about the varied innovations which they had been able to carry out.
“I have no reason to believe that you won’t be the ministers and chief ministers of the state from ten years from now. The system needs more people who will work efficiently. See if we don’t good engineers at work, we won’t, get better roads. If we don’t have quality people at work, we would not have quality work at display,” Vohra said. “You cannot allow to continue what has happened in the past. You have to apply breaks to it somewhere that is happening wrong.”
During the event, Vohra felicitated a number of DPS students who has won laurels in sports. He praised the school administration for providing quality education to students.