Now, BJP declares admn transfers as anti-Hindu and PDP-influenced

Now, BJP declares admn transfers as anti-Hindu and PDP-influenced

Jammu: The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), which shares power in Jammu and Kashmir with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), targeted the state government over transfers, alleging that “norms” were not being followed and officers of the Kashmir Valley were given postings of their preference.

The BJP’s criticism of the government headed by PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti once again brings to the fore the rift between the coalition partners over various issues ever since the formation of the government in 2015.

“Persons having political patronage get the prize posting at their choicest places and officers belonging to Jammu region, particularly of the minority (Hindu) community, suffer the most because of the arbitrary policy pursued by the highest authority in the government,” alleged state BJP spokesman Virender Gupta in a statement here.

“The officers of Kashmir Valley are given posting at their preferred positions in districts, three-four times during their service, without giving any consideration to their involvement in corruption cases pending against them,” he alleged.

He said transfers of officers of higher rank without taking the Cabinet into confidence “spoils the mutual faith and trust among the two political partners of the government and tells upon the harmonious relationship and the coordination between them”.

He was reacting to a media report which said that the transfer policy framed in 2010 by a government order was being frequently flouted.

The media report said that between January 1 and September 29, 346 transfers have been executed involving 41 Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and 305 Kashmir Administrative Service (KAS) officers.

“It is surprising that while making those transfers, the general norm of seeking the approval of the Cabinet is not followed. These transfers were in addition to 45 transfers of the officers made with the approval of the state cabinet,” Gupta said.

He said a “strong resentment” is brewing among the majority of officers from the IAS, KAS and the Indian Police Service because of the present transfer policy of the government.

The BJP leader said the government should adhere to norms and established procedures for effecting transfers to “restore the shattered trust and faith” of the employees and ensure justice to officers belonging to the Jammu region.