Braid chopping scare gives sleepless nights to women

Braid chopping scare gives sleepless nights to women

Police doubles bounty, slows down internet

Srinagar: Tales of braid chopping have spread a feeling of fear among women in Kashmir giving sleepless nights to many.
Starting from south Kashmir districts the panic has now spread across the Valley. On Saturday a braid chopping incident was reported frin Nowgam area of Srinagar and chopped off hair of an 18-year-old girl.
While police is yet to find out the culprits, the State Women’s Commission has taken cognizance of the matter and approached several victims and their family members for help.
In some areas, terrified people are maintaining night vigil through the night as a preventive measure while many girls and women couldn’t sleep for many days.
Insha, a college student from Padshahi Bagh, told Kashmir Reader that she has suffered nightmares ever since the incidents started occurring in Kashmir.
“Last night was worst so far as I couldn’t sleep due to fear of braid choppers as Nowgam is just a few kilometers from my home,” she said.
Similar complaints have been expressed by Mymona Gani, a housewife from BK Pora.
“I locked all windows and doors last night after the incidents of braid chopping reached Budgam some days ago,” she said.
Mymona said the family had been concerned about their daughters who usually come late from tuition.
“This is very disturbing situation due to mystery surrounded the incidents,” she said.
Some people are seeking police interventions to guard their localities during the night while some have kept sharp weapons with them to thwart any attempt by of hair cutting.
In this environment of fear and rumours, the State Women’s Commission (SWC) has taken cognisance of the issue and talked to all deputy commissioners and SPs.
Commission chief, Nayeema Mehjoor has also has sought a report from police.
“I have met many victims myself and their families to offer my help. They are in a state of shock and surprise as they are still unaware of the course of the crime,” she told Kashmir Reader.
She said police had to play a major role in such a situation.
“Commission has very less role this time as the police investigation is still inconclusive. We can only aid and help victims to seek justice and medical help,” Mehjoor said.
People have come with many “reasons and theories” before SWC. However, Mehjoor said they cannot accept anything till the police investigation concludes.
“Police should come up with report immediately because they can’t let the situation go out of hand like this,” SWC chief said.




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