16,000 doctors to undergo fresh scrutiny as MCI amends registration rules

16,000 doctors to undergo fresh scrutiny as MCI amends registration rules
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Srinagar: Nearly 16,000 doctors in Jammu and Kashmir will face scrutiny of their credentials after the Medical Council of India (MCI) issued a fresh registration process.
On Thursday, the MCI announced that medical practitioners will be scrutinised and brought under a unique permanent registration number system. As per an official letter, the MCI said that through the ‘Digital Mission Mode Project’, a unique permanent registration number (UPRN number) will be generated for each of the estimated 10 lakh practitioners of modern medicine across India.
President of the Jammu and Kashmir State Medical Council, ML Goswami, told Kashmir Reader that the fresh rules will affect nearly 16,000 doctors in the state, who are registered with the state council.
“We have registered nearly 16,000 doctors in the permanent registration system so far. The fresh scrutiny will start after we receive the communication from MCI,” he said.
The existing registration numbers of doctors will be migrated to a standard system of UPRN. “Doctors shall apply online for registering qualifications like PG, super-specialty, etc. They shall use the system to make online applications for services like issue of certificates, etc,” the MCI said.
As per experts, the UPRN number would come address a number of problems, such as duplicate registrations in various states, renewal of registration, and fake medical practitioners.
Director Health, Kashmir, Dr Saleem-ur-Rehman told Kashmir Reader that the MCI registration is a must for every doctor and they will have to follow the fresh rules. “Though doctors registered with the State Medical Council can work in J&K, the MCI registration is must for every doctor as it is the parent body,” he said.
As per the latest circular issued by MCI, doctors have to convert their IMR number to UPRN by registering on www.mcllndla.nfp and click on “Doctor Login”.
“Doctors have to enter basic information like name and contact details including email address. A user id and password will be sent to the email address,” the circular said.
Doctors need to use this user id & password to log in and enter all the requested details, including personal details, contact details, Aadhaar number, professional details, and upload the latest qualification documents, the circular said.
After paying the fees to MCI online/offline, doctors need to select date and time to visit the State Medical Council for verification of the documents. “Once the documents are physically verified at State Medical Council (SMC), then the respective SMC will process the record in the system. The system will do the further tasks automatically,” said the fresh MCI guidelines.
The MCI has said that Aadhaar details will be verified before the UPRN number is generated. The IMR database will be updated with the new UPRN number along with the latest details of the doctor.
“At the end, an email notification will go to the doctor, MCI and SMC,” the circular said.

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