Syria’s grand Mufti, Mehbooba role models of none but each other: Dukhtaran

Syria’s grand Mufti, Mehbooba role models of none but each other: Dukhtaran

‘Both working on agendas of tyrants’

SRINAGAR: Flaying the “so-called” Grand Mufti” of Syria, Dr Ahmad Bader Eddin Mohammad Adib Hassoun, for his comments regarding the chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti, the Dukhatarn-e-Millat on Saturday said these two persons are role models to none but to each other.
“It (is) funny and at the same time ironic that this so-called Mufti, on the orders of his tyrant master involved in murder of thousands of Muslims in Syria, is praising a woman who has so far killed hundreds of innocent Kashmiris and blinded children, men, women, young and old in thousands,” DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen said in a statement.
She said both Syrian Mufti and Mehbooba are “part of fascist forces and have qualities (like) that of the tyrant Yazeed”.
“Just because this man has Arabic or a Muslim name doesn’t make him some authority. He has been made so-called Mufti by the tyrant (Syrian ruler) Bashar al Assad to give legitimacy to the massacres and murders of innocent Muslims,” she said.
Nasreen said Mehbooba Mufti “is also working tirelessly to prolong Indian illegal occupation and is also assigned the task to extend the Indian Hindutva agenda to Jammu and Kashmir”.
“Like this so-called Mufti is working to fulfill the heinous agenda of Bashar al Assad, Mehbooba is working on similar agenda assigned to her by her Hindu masters. Both these persons give legitimacy to the sins and tyranny of their masters,” Nasreen said.
“Both these persons follow a similar track and that is why they are praising each other. They are role models to each other as far as tyranny and barbarism is concerned. In no way, these two are role models to Muslims.”
The DeM secretary general said the visit of Syrian grand Mufti to Kashmir “will also be a part of that fascist and anti-Muslim agenda which is being pursued in Kashmir and Syria”. “We mustn’t worry about it. Such Yazeediyat and fascism cannot survive for long. It is the Hussaini which survives and shines forever,” she said.

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  1. Abdulrazzak   October 1, 2017 at 1:58 am

    I would like to know writer and Nahida Nasreen’s views on the Saudi tyrants and the so-called religious clerics appointed by them.

    My guess is that they will be all praise for the Saudi tyrants and those so-called religious scholars appointed by them.