Shiv Sena questions ‘ideological bond’ between BJP and PDP

Shiv Sena questions ‘ideological bond’ between BJP and PDP

Mumbai: Shiv Sena on Saturday, Uddhav Thackeray, revived the age-old Maharashtra-Gujarat debate when he questioned the need for the bullet train project that “only connected the rich in Ahmedabad with their counterparts in Mumbai” at the Shiv Sena’s Dussehra rally on Saturday evening.

Thackray said: “This government says GST brings uniform taxation”. “If it is beneficial to the common man, then where are the results?”

Uddhav Thackeray blasted the BJP in his Dusshera rally address, and said that he won’t hesitate to pull the plug on his partnership.

On demonetisation, Uddhav claimed, the government attempted to spread a narrative that those supporting the move are nationalists, whereas, those opposed to it are anti-nationals. “Traders, farmers and small-scale businessmen are yet to recover from the note ban shock”, he added.

“We allied with BJP for Hindutva when the word Hindutva was taboo; if they (BJP) think we are of no use to them, we’ll see,” the Shiv Sena chief said.

The Sena leader pointed to the contradiction in the BJP sharing power with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, while stressing his own party’s strong belief in “Hindutva” politics.

“We support the BJP openly and not from behind the curtains”.

“For them,” Uddhav continued, “aligning with (Bihar CM) Nitish (Kumar) is a matter of joy”. In fact, the Shiv Sena does not see eye to eye with Rane. “It is because we say ‘garv se kaho hum Hindu hai (say with pride that we are Hindus).”

He said that the Sena was in power but it was constantly raising issues concerning people. “We united with them for unity of Hindu votes”.

As expected, the Shiv Sena launched an all-out attack against the BJP- its coalition partner in the state and the party that leads the National Democratic Front in which Shiv Sena is an ally.

“In Kashmir, what ideological bond do you (BJP) share with PDP?” What happened to your “ek vidhaan, ek nishaan” (one constitution, one flag)?

Thackeray also urged the government to improve the overall railway infrastructure of the country before embarking on “overambitious” projects such as launching a Bullet Train.

He said the BJP and Modi were “worse than the Mughals because unlike the Mughals the BJP and Modi were coming on to attack Maharashtra in the bullet train”.