The Other Side of Parents’ Love

The Other Side of Parents’ Love

By Mohsin Kamal

A young boy, when he grows , first aims to settle in his life by finding some good work according to his desires. After successfully finding one, he then wants to enter second half of his life by bonding himself with his life partner. After entering the second half, a boy turns into a man and later a father. Becoming a father entails a different role; now he performs everything for his children. He puts his own dreams on the shoulders of his children and wants them to succeed in life. The larger aim is that he wants to live the last stage (old age) of his life happily and peacefully and leave the world with satisfaction.
This is how most of us want life to run and function. But , everybody can’t be lucky enough to live life according to his desires.
In my everyday life, I come across a lot of things- some good and some bad. Recently, however, I witnessed a series of strange events.
A father who works very hard- day, night, morning, evening-just to make life comfortable for himself and his family, somehow succeeds in doing so. But the only things which break him and have become the reason of his insomnia are his children
All his children are school going- one 14, second 12 and youngest 9 years of age. They are being provided with all the necessary things, well drafted environment and have been assigned just one work of studying. Like every father, he too is dreaming to see his children shine and make him proud. He works tirelessly to make sure his children get all the facilities and needed equipments.
The children , however, are completely opposite- always busy in doing inappropriate things like destroying things around, not going school uniformly, never self study, want things not useful to them and much more. Relatives try to teach, people rebuke, parents taunt but this doesn’t bother them at all.
The father who is over energetic and of hot temper sometimes gets frustrated with their unruly behavior and punishes them, in such ways that an observer would want to shut all his senses and drag himself inside the earth. Till next day, the kids remain angry and sulking and would not eat or talk but very next day everything seems normal and fine.
The father too forgets it the next day and loves them as he did before. After sometime, he again gets angry due to the children’s unending unbearable behavior and would lash at them again. The drama continues and both father and kids keep repeating the things.
In the latest of such incidents, this time around, the father punished the elder one in a way that whenever I think of it, my body starts shivering.
During that incident, I witnessed four faces:
One, of the child who was crying his soul out;
Second, of his father who was completely out of control;
Third, of the mother who was cracking inside but wasn’t even trying to stop the father, knowing well the reasons behind the outburst;
Fourth, of the few people around, who were trying their best to save the child.
After this incident, I had a conversation with both the father and the kid; I asked the child: “Why you do this? Why you keep repeating the mistakes and face these types of tortures?”
He smiled and replied, “I seriously don’t know!”. I tried my best to make him understand that he should learn and not do anything wrong in future. Then later, I talked to his father and tried to convince him that the behavior he was adopting towards his kids was completely wrong. At last, I found myself helpless because I failed to convince both of them. Being an observer, I was merely able to pen down this incident; I could do nothing beyond it.
These things are very common in our society: Parents try their best to provide kids with good things and kids in return make wrong use of it. Who or what responsible for this- the parents, children or the new age? Combination of all is the answer. Parents provide facilities but not love and care. Children get carried away and get attracted to wrong things. The contemporary t age is undoubtedly modern and developed but due to worldly greed, parents want to make their kids cash rich but not humans. We need to teach our young humanity and provide them the education that can make them humans and not merely money prone machines.

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