Ratnipora school dysfunctional for a decade, officials unaware

SHOPIAN: A government primary school in Ratnipora village is dysfunctional for a decade and to diminish chances of its revival, some unscrupulous elements damaged the building last year. Even as four Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReTs) have been appointed to teach in the school, there role has remained confined to earn the livelihood.
Ratnipora is one of the forward moving villages in the district with higher literacy rate and employment. The village has about 170 households whose children were studying in a private school or schools in main town of Shopian.
A private school which is not more than 50 meters away from this government school has about 150 students on its rolls. An elderly man from the village told Kashmir Reader that some greedy people stole the windows and other property of this school building and fixed them in their houses and cowsheds.
Locals added that the school was considered the oldest school in the area but due to the callous attitude of authorities the school is useless since years.
Ratnipora Numberdar, Zahoor Ahmad Wani feigned ignorance on the plight of school “I don’t know anything about the school but a local teacher knows everything about it. He has raised this issue with concerned authorities,” he said.
Villagers allege callous attitude of teachers for rendering the school dysfunctional. “The ReT scheme was launched to boost the education sector in rural areas but ironically the impact of this scheme was the closure of our school,” he said.
The single storey building of the school has been razed to ground and other property including kitchen has been damaged by the local scoundrels.
Another local resident said, “Damaging the building was not the part of 2016 uprising but those who have no sense of education and do not know the importance of schools.”
Chief education officer Shopian said he was not aware about the condition of the school. “Nobody brought this issue in my notice. I will see whether the building has been damaged by the miscreants,” he said. He said the school has been clubbed with another school due to less roll of students.