NHM Baramulla Program managers go on strike

Demand action against Dy CMO for ‘derogatory’ comments

Baramulla: The National Health Mission (NHM) program managers of Baramulla district Wednesday called for an indefinite strike in response to what they called “derogatory comments and utmost humiliation” by the deputy chief medical officer Baramulla.
A statement issued by the program managers said that the deputy CMO Baramulla had made outrageus comments about NHM program managers during a meeting called by Chief Medical Officer Baramulla on 26 September regarding ASHA functionalities at AMT School Baramulla.
“At the very beginning of the meeting, DY CMO Baramulla started ridiculing the program managers in front of everyone present at the meeting, which included ANMs/Block ASHA facilitators, District Asha Coordinator, ASHA Facilitators, Associates of DY CMO, and some State Health Society members. The DY CMO made very personal and outrageous comments like ‘These program managers are thieves, I hate them and their profession, I get irritated by seeing their faces’,” the programme managers claimed in the statement.
They added that it indicated that the DDOs too are “thieves without whom we can’t operate physically or financially”.
“These comments are very derogatory and a very threat to the integrity of the department we solemnly work for,” they said adding that “we and as well as the DY CMO is aware of the bad facilities under which we have to work our days and nights but if this is the level of respect our meetings or any interactions deserve, we seriously need an intervention and a strong action.” The Programme Managers said that the indefinite strike which begins with District Health Society Baramulla will spill over to the entire J&K management unit of NHM in the next two days if there’s no immediate action taken.