Mir asks govt to come clear on braid chopping

Srinagar: President of Jammu Kashmir Democratic Party (Nationalist) and former minister Ghulam Hassan Mir has asked the state government to make its stand clear on braid chopping incidents in Kashmir.
In view of fingers being raised at the security forces, Mir in a statement said that it becomes incumbent on the J&K government to come clear on the incidents of braid chopping.
“The incidents of braid chopping are worrying. People are raising fingers at security forces and government should immediately identify the people behind the braid chopping and take action against them,” Mir said.
He said the braid chopping would add to already existing mistrust and alienation in Kashmir. “There is uncertainty in south Kashmir and women feel insecure. I don’t think it should happen when we have a woman chief minister here,” he said.
Mir said government should take measures to make women feel secure and address to the mistrust brewing in Kashmir. “Government should take measures to rebuild the trust and confidence among the people before the situation slips out of hands,” he said.