Kashmiri eye centre bags best specialty hospital award

Kashmiri eye centre bags best specialty hospital award
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SRINAGAR: Eye Care and Research Centre, a Srinagar based eye care clinic, has been awarded the best specialty hospital in Jammu and Kashmir in ophthalmology by an independent all-India level organisation Global Health Care Excellence in New Delhi.
The award has been given to the hospital for its infrastructure, facilities and man power. At present the hospital has three operation theatres, four super specialty consultants, and paramedic staff. Established in 1982 from four rooms, the hospital performs complex surgeries like vitrectomy (removal of vitreous humor), cornea transplant, lasers, occuloplasty. It also has pediatric ophthalmologist.
“The award giving organisation has done research independently and found our hospital one of the best in the Jammu and Kashmir. We were informed two days before the award ceremony,” Dr Bashir Ahmad, the director of the hospital said.


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