SHRC order flouted, no compensation paid to Farooq Dar

SHRC order flouted, no compensation paid to Farooq Dar
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Human shield case

Srinagar: Two months and twelve days have passed since the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) directed the state government to pay Rs 10 lakh as compensation to Farooq Ahmad Dar, the civilian who was tied to the front of an army jeep as a human shield. The SHRC had on July 10 ordered that the compensation had to be paid within six weeks.
The human rights commission had also directed the Chief Secretary to file a compliance report within the same period. Neither the compensation nor the compliance report has materialised yet.
Chairman of the International Forum for Human Rights and Justice, Ahsan Untoo, had pleaded Dar’s case before the SHRC. He told Kashmir Reader that he is going to file another application in SHRC to ask the Chief Secretary why the compliance report was not filed and why the state has not compensated Farooq Dar.
“Also, I will ask why the statement of Farooq Dar was recorded on September 20, when the ugly episode took place in April,” Untoo said.
“By not compensating Dar, the state is indirectly favouring the act of Major Gogoi (the officer who had Dar tied to the army jeep). This will lead to more incidents like these in the future,” Untoo said.
Farooq Dar, a resident of Budgam village, said he had received neither any compensation nor any promise of it. “I have not received any compensation even though the SHRC gave six weeks to the state government to provide the same. More than two months have passed since the order but I have not got anything,” Dar told Kashmir Reader.
The police say they are investigating the incident (which happened on April 9) and have so far recorded statements of seven witnesses. The statement of the victim himself was recorded just two days ago, on September 20, a day after Kashmir Reader published a report that police had not yet recorded Dar’s statement.
The state High Court has already directed the police to investigate the matter properly.

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