Voice of the ‘Dead’ Lake

Voice of the ‘Dead’ Lake
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By Mir Umar

It was evening time when the Sun City (Srinagar) was resplendent with the beauty of charming moments. The sun had set down behind the mountains and the rays of it were getting reflected on the shimmering waters of Dal Lake. On the banks of Dal Lake, an austere breeze was blowing, adding more color to the charm. It gave a feeling of familiarity with the surrounding. Looking down the waters of Dal Lake and enjoying the sunset was a blessing with profound bliss. It yielded a new hope. In the meantime, the sun had finally said good-bye to day and had moved to the other part of the world.
When I was about to leave this aura, an aback sound held me back. I became a statue for a very brief time. A hissing sound resonated through the mountains and met my ears. It was dark and all creatures had gone missing. When I decided to move my steps forward, again that strange voice now echoed through the mountains. It left me in a state of fear and terribleness. On hearing the voice, I suspiciously looked around but found no one.
I became frightened. In a state of fear, I was not able to choose my labyrinth. I held my ears to that voice and found that the mysterious voice was coming from the inside of Dal Lake. For a moment I thought, I was caught and would not be able to reach my destination. “Hey Man, are you there?”, said the angelic voice.
“Yes I am here” I stuttered with my lips trembling and my eyes caught in fear. I broke my silence and raised my question to this voice.”Who are you and what do you want from me?”
“I am the spirit of Dal Lake and want to say something to you” , said the voice.
“Me” ? , I asked quizzically. My mind kept thinking about this voice and I was not been able to decide what to do. The question that had made trouble in my mind was “Why me?”. I lavishly took attention to this voice.
“I am Dal Lake. Kindly, listen to me. I have a lot of pain hidden inside that I want to share. Once I was beautiful and charming, but now my beauty and charm is being destroyed by man. There was a time when I used to reflect the beautiful moon in the sky on my water; now I have lost my own identity. Man has destroyed me by putting all the intoxicated materials in me. I’m dying of breathlessness. Everyday people come here and enjoy but nobody shares my pain and suffering.”
There was a pause. Hearing the intensive voice drenched with pain, I was stunned. It was a mystery to listening to that voice. It was a silence for a moment and after brief interval, the voice again resonated,
“I was Kashmir’s jewel. Once people used to drink my water and now they turn their face situation. People have made me a waste yard. I keep crying and people don’t listen to my hidden cries. Why I am being polluted if I am adding beauty to this paradise? My valiant beauty has shrunk now. Deep inside, I have a lot of agony buried inside…..”.
Again, a pause obstructed this voice. I drizzled in my thoughts which kept me on toes. In the darkness, a ghostly scene had made me feeble. In a moment, the voice again arrived but now in a low and agonized tune which said,
“I am dead and I cry in silence. I die every day and I fear I might be turned into a small pond. Stop throwing poison in me. There will be a time when I would be found only in the books. I , no more share my beauty and I am being abject. I would be no more here if the cycle of pollution will continue. Please stop polluting me. Save me before I am dead……”.
The voice disappeared, after making an echo through the mountains. I took a deep breath after the voice had gone. I looked around and found no one. I kept thinking about the mysterious conversation which had made the environment brood.
In the meantime, a strong ringing tune crushed the silence and the reverie. It was an alarm from the phone which was vibrating loudly. I rubbed my eyes twice because of the fear of that voice that shook my dream. “Ah! I’m alive!”, I exclaimed.

The author is a student of Literature. He can be reached at: mirumar59@gmail.com


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