Will Dalai Lama be asked to leave, Tamil refugees sent back, asks Omar

SRINAGAR: Lashing out at people for demanding deportation of Rohingya Muslims from India, former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has asked if those plugging their India were going to demand that the Tibetan Government in exile leave Indian shores immediately.
“Will Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka be sent back as punishment for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination,” he asked. “His holiness the Dalai Lama is going to find himself unwelcomed in his adopted home unless of course this xenophobia is selective,” Abdullah, who is the working president of National Conference (NC), wrote on micro-blogging site twitter.
Meanwhile, hitting out at Government of India (GoI) for asserting in the SC that Rohingya Muslims pose as serious threat to the national security, the former CM said no such intelligence reports came up for discussion in Unified Headquarters meetings before 2014 when he was heading the unified headquarters as chief minister.
“This threat, at least in J&K, is a post 2014 development. No such intelligence reports ever came up for discussion in Unified HQ meetings,” Abdullah tweeted.
The GoI on Monday had asserted in the apex court that the Rohingya Muslims were ‘illegal’ immigrants in India and their stay posed ‘serious national security ramifications’.