Not their Fault!

Not their Fault!

The Indian Government has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India on the issue of deportation of Rohingya immigrants to Myanmar. The GoI plans to deport the 40,000-odd Rohingya refugees living in India and alls them “illegal, a “security threat” and “(a) strain on India’s resources”. In a rather related development, India’s Union Minister , Kiren Rijiju, has asked human rights groups , “ not to spread disinformation about India regarding the Rohingya issue” and has further added that “ it was a sensitive matter and one way forward would be in the national interest”. The affidavit and the Minister’s remarks are as cynical as can be. It is also scurrilous given that the GoI has deemed the Rohhingya’s a “security threat”. Casting the issue in terms of the “national interest” is also a narrow formulation that detracts from the humanitarian nature of the issue. It stands to reason that the Rohingya’s would not have chosen India if they were not persecuted and driven away from their homes. Being in India is not their choice but a compulsion. And, if they are indeed actually driven away from their place of refuge, it would not only constitute a travesty but also a tragedy. In any case, the life of refugees, given the uncertainties over their status and, generally speaking, living conditions, is precarious. This holds true for the Rohingyas as well. Their living conditions are not picture perfect in India and the threat and potential of deportation , by driving them back where they are harassed and persecuted to the extent of having been victims of a pogrom is cruel. India never ceases to boast of its Great Power potential and quest for this status. But, obviously, given its approach and attitude towards the Rohingyas, India’s quest for Great Power status is premised on power and material capabilities not values. Great Powers are great not only because they possess power and power projection capabilities but because they are open and welcome the persecuted and the harassed of the world. The West, despite the angst against immigration contemporarily, stands out for having welcomed and absorbed refugees of all stripes and kinds. While there have been undercurrents of disaffection against refugee flows in popular opinion in the West, there really never has been a policy to either drive them out or push them back to where they are persecuted. Rohingya’s are in a precarious position and their condition should elicit sympathy and empathy and not cynical raison d’etat. India, by trying to push them back on flimsy , concocted grounds is doing the latter.

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  1. Hindustani   September 19, 2017 at 5:50 am

    Aung Sung Suchi of Burma wants Modi to treat Kashmiri Muslim just like Rohinga Muslim to bring permanent peace in the region. Kashmir problem is only in 5 southern districts of Kashmir. Kashmiri Muslim call themselves Pakistanis..if the Pakistani actors can be sent to Pakistan then why not Pakistani Kashmiri Muslim could be sent to their beloved Pakistan.. them see how Pakistan treats NON PUNJABI SPEAKING MUSLIMS. Enough is enough… muslim simply unfit to live in any non Muslim secular democratic country anywhere in world. Army can clear Kashmir in less than 24 hours. I wish India had a leader like Aung Sung Suchi or Putin Chechnya or China


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