School turns to tech to keep parents posted about kids’ attendance

School turns to tech to keep parents posted about kids’ attendance
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Srinagar: Bunking school is such fun that people brag about it for years, but for some it does not turn out so well. They are left to rue the missed opportunity to study well and sincerely.
Schools in Kashmir have been trying to eradicate this “menace” of students bunking school. Taking a lead in this is the Kashmir Harvard Education Institute.
The parents of students studying in this school will soon know exactly when their wards enter and leave the school premises. It will also be a comfort to their worries of the children’s security, especially in these times of unrest in the valley.
Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the school, Rouf Ahmad, told Kashmir Reader that the school will issue within a month an RFID card (Radio Frequency Identification Card) which tracks tags attached to objects that the children carry. “The tags contain electronically stored information. Whenever a student enters the school, parents can receive the message,” he said.
“I am always worried about my child as we know student protests are going on for the past months. I am not sure whether he has attended school or not. If this kind of technology government schools also adopt, for parents like me it will be a relief,” said Bushra Wani, a parent from Srinagar’s Rainawari area.
“To say that the education system in Kashmir is moribund is being generous to it,” said Showkat Ahmad, a parent from Dalgate area. “It is plagued with problems such as lack of infrastructure, unqualified teachers, outdated teaching methods and learning tools. The reasons for this sad state of affairs are many, not least the fragile political situation, and the practical solutions are few. Because of these problems, parents prefer to admit their ward in private schools. This technology will make us feel that our children are safe in school.”
Speaking with Kashmir Reader, chairman of Kashmir Harvard School, Tariq Ahmad Baktoo, said, “We are using this technology for the security of our students. In a place like Kashmir, we are well aware of the worries of parents regarding their kids. Installing this card will give them relief, as they will receive a message when their wards leave or enter the school.”
Moreover, he said, no student will be able to bunk the school.

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