Digital Minimalism: Living Outside the Internet World

Digital Minimalism: Living Outside the Internet World
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My phone currently has 336 images. It does not feel like a ton, until I remember that we once brought rolls of film only after 24 expos. How did we even do that?

Now, I can throw my phone out of my pocket and record every moment of my life, and I do not even have to wait for the photos to be developed. Of course, I have to remove the outlines and organize the rest. I have to mark them, store them and keep them, so I will not lose them.

Sometimes I wonder if digitization has actually become simpler. I wonder if I live my life as it happens or if I watch my life through the screen on the phone. To be honest, living in the digital world is quite amazing. We tend to have access to information and entertainment – available at your fingertips all the time. This, frankly, is  amazing.

What is Digital Minimalism?

Digital Minimalism is the mind of questions that digital communication tools are essential to happiness. Whether it is email, social media or general internet consumption, the goal of this philosophy is to add value to your life. The trouble with these digital options is that they just do not stop. There is an app there – the other for this other thing. If there is no application, it is probably the entire dedicated device. You can share it all on social media. The whole digital input is constant and never ending.

Soon it starts to seem like a humming stream of updates, and the posts and pictures whisper that you are falling behind, not comparable, you cannot keep up.

This is a bit of dissatisfaction, and every day we invite you to our lives.

Our devices are filled with applications and files, and our screens and desktops are a mess. Notifications and opportunities and clickable headlines create so much virtual noise that it’s hard to hear each other.

What happens to your body when you dive in this stream for too long? Your pressure is increasing. Your creativity drops. Anxiety disorder  sets in.

We must be aware of how we govern our digital lives. We need less mindless consumption and more informed choices. We need to focus on aspects of our online presence that serve us throughout our lives and release other distractions. This is Minimalism Digital and we are prepared for it. Here are four steps to help you get a new path when digital outweighs the threat.

  1. Be aware of your digital life.

Does your way of spending time and energy online reflect your values? Can you concentrate on the best creative hours or slipping on social media and email? Are internal calls derailed by ping-ping devices?

Decide when you want to be connected when you are not and stay with it. Just because your online life is always available does not mean that it must be a priority.

  1. Create a personal balance of your online activity.

Do not let your whole life become online; Make things happen around you. Yes, talk through Twitter, but also invite people to dinner.

Admire your photos on Pinterest, but also the space around you reflects the life you want to live. “They like” pictures of your friend’s leave, then go out and take your own neighborhood. You may also like it.

  1. Find the full stop rhythm that works for you.

Everyone needs time to completely disconnect. You decide how often and how often. Annual media fast? Politics on weekends?

Even putting aside the evening of the week to go to digital mode can help restore the perspective and give the room a creative soul to breathe. Everyone needs a place to rest.

  1. Make time for digital undressing.

Get rid of tools, procedures, accounts, apps, and services that do not work. They may be easy to download, but if they do not help, remove them. You will feel lighter and  freer without them.

Healthy boundaries allow you to enjoy the benefits of digital connectivity without giving up your whole life with insignificant activity. We need less digital default and more intentional interaction. We need digital minimalism.

No sidebar: At work

The internet is always on, so your business should be too, right? Check your mail for an hour, reply to the message as soon as it arrives: it’s what customers expect (or customers or readers), right?


Meeting these expectations can hurt your business. This extraordinary practice can only be what you need to increase your productivity, your creativity, your energy and your emotions for the projects you work on.

No sidebar: At home

If you are still struggling to catch up with family and all the little things that your household is doing, you’re not alone.

Every day there is so much time, and so many amusements calling attention. Concentration on the most significant things in your life does not always appear naturally; It requires an intention and a practice.

Let go of the daily dispersion and stick to what matters.

No sidebar: In the soul

Scrolling social channels can be like fighting between the best and the worst pulses. In one corner you have a connection; in the second, comparison. The connection is good for the soul, but the comparison will eat you alive.

You keep up with the lives of more friends and relatives than ever, but do side effects become too much?


The author , from Srinagar,  is currently pursuing his in VLSI Design and Embedded Systems from Visveswaraya Technological University.  He can be reached at:

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