Rabid dogs on prowl in Bandipora

Rabid dogs on prowl in Bandipora

15 bitten in one day, 2 to 3 cases reported daily for the past few months, municipality helpless

Bandipora: At least 15 persons, women and children among them, were bitten by rabid dogs in a single day in Bandipora, creating a sense of fear among the people.
Medical officials say that they are dealing with increasing number of dog bite cases while as Bandipora municipality officials says they are “helpless”.
The Bandipora district hospital’s anti rabies cell told Kashmir Reader that it treated around 15 dog bite cases on Saturday from twin villages of Chithay Banday and Aragam. The injured were given anti rabies vaccines.
“The bites were non-serious in nature and were treatable, we gave them vaccines and later on sent a team to the village to administer anti-rabies vaccines on those who were bitten,” sterilization officer, M Mustafa, said.
Some of the victims of dog bites were identified as Jameela, Shahmshad, Noor Mohmmad, Sabeena Bajard, Nazir Molvi, Saab, Tawseef Mumtaz, Zaitoon Begum, Irshad Ahamd, Tanveer Ahmad, Ishtiyaq Ahmad Najar and Nazir Ahmad. “Most of the dog bite victims went for private treatment,” a resident of Aragam Village, Javaid Ahmad, said. A local pharmacist, Nisar Ahmed Sheikh from Chithaybandy village, said that he had “administered first aid to around 14 dog bite victims since Saturday.” The anti-rabies cell at the hospital claims that it’s dealing with increased number of dog bite cases. “On a daily basis, we get two to three dog bite cases from villages like Kulhama, Aloosa, Mantrigam and others,” Mustafa said, adding that “it’s an alarming situation.”
The medical officer said, “The rabid animals are violent as the virus damages their brain cells and is transferable by bite or scratch from the infected animal as it’s largely present in their saliva.” Villagers are also pleading authorities to curb the dog menace but the municipality says it was “helpless”.
“The system is non-operational, as we don’t have a team, equipment, dog catchers, sterilization process or any other means to stop this menace,” Executive officer Municipal committee said.
“The higher authorities are not releasing any funds to make the system operational. All the system remains defunct from the top level,” he said.
Since India’s Supreme Court banned the killing of stray dogs, given that “they have every right to live”, municipalities have failed to upgrade to a new ways of dealing with growing dog populations and is struggling to carry out the sterilization program.



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