Be Responsible for Your Happiness

Be Responsible for Your Happiness
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By Jahangeer Lone

We are living in an age where we can do anything, at anywhere, at anytime for our happiness, but yet we are unhappy, upset and depressed . Though ,we can order anything at anytime on our mobile phones without tormenting ourselves, we are still unhappy. We are living in a world of comforts. Anything we want can be obtained just after a two to five clicks on our mobile screens and the same delivered to us at our doorsteps. We have a more opulent life than our parents had. We are earning big money than they did, but yet we are gloomy.
In most cases we are unhappy because of being jobless or with not a perfect one. We are unhappy because we always compare ourselves with others. People naturally compare themselves to other people and assume that nearly all of them are happy than they are, this is the biggest cause of being unhappy. People imagine family life in a certain way, they imagine their job in a certain way, their spouse in a certain way and all that and then these images are very often shattered. So, what we should do about it is that we should create another image and enjoy that. When we stop comparing ourselves with others we will live a blissful life.
We get depressed over little and trivial things. These little problems will fade away in a year or more, but we are spoiling our present. We are young and energetic, yet we are miserable. We are much more stressed than our parents . Actually, we don’t get upset, rather we are making ourselves unhappy. When there is cold, we want warmth; when there is extremely hot temperature, we want the converse. In short, we are not compatible with anything. We should mingle with in every situation and lead a happy life. We are cranky. We are anxious. We are never happy because we are harsh on ourselves. We don’t appreciate and applaud ourselves, rather we reprimand ourselves.
There are many other worse consequences of this self-made unhappiness. We bang the doors and windows at home, kick any tin-box violently at roadside. In fact, we have spent our entire lives learning to be unhappy. The other reason for this unhappiness is that we always yearn for something ‘extra’ , rather than be grateful for what we have been bestowed with. There is always a strong desire to get something so I can do something, so I can be something, I have to get a great deal of money so I can go off on world tour so I can be happy.
In contemporary times, we are solely dependent on if’s and then’s. If this happens, then I will be happy. For example, if only I had a bigger home, if only I had a better job, if this happens then I will be happy. This is wrong and flawed. We should cherish each and every moment of our life. Indeed, there is nothing of unhappiness , there is only ungratefulness. We should learn to be grateful. Think about the things you need to be grateful, and I guarantee you will live a prosperous life. Stop chasing everything, chase happiness.

—The author hails from Gund, Ganderbal. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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