5 million asked to evacuate from Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma

5 million asked to evacuate from Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma

WASHINGTON: Over five mil­lion people have been asked to evacuate from parts of coastal Florida after Hurricane Irma, an extremely powerful Catego­ry 5 storm, barrelled towards the state after wrecking havoc on the Caribbean islands.

Irma is expected to landfall in Florida today, which at its current trend officials said, is likely to cause devastation across Florida and surround­ing areas.

Authorities in Flor­ida have ordered 5.6 million people a quar­ter of the state’s popula­tion to evacuate, warn­ing that those who do not leave cannot expect rescue services to reach them once Irma hits.

“It is not a question of if Flor­ida is going to be impacted, it is a question of how bad Florida’s go­ing to be impacted,” said Brock Long, head of Federal Emergen­cy Management Agency.

Hurricane Irma continues to be a threat that is going to devastate the United States, and either Florida or some of the southeastern states. This is a complex forecast. Anybody from Alabama to North Caro­lina should be watching this storm very closely, Long said.

Florida is also home to thou­sands of Indian-Americans.

In addition to thousands of fed­eral employees, several thousand-military personals have been deployed by the Department of Defence to meet any eventuality in the aftermath of Irma hitting the coast of Florida. US President Donald Trump received a brief­ing on Hurricane Irma on Sat­urday. Earlier in the day, Trump signed a legislation that provides an additional USD 15.25 billion in emergency appropriations for disaster relief and extends the authorisation of the National Flood Insurance Programme through December 8.