Wife, two children, old father all that’s left at home of Budgam youth

Wife, two children, old father all that’s left at home of Budgam youth
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Maqsood was in Srinagar for carpentry work when a grenade blast at Jahangir Chowk killed him

BUDGAM: The young man killed in the grenade explosion at Jahangir Chowk Srinagar on Thursday was buried by his family in his native village of Gopalpora in Budgam, with hundreds of mourners in attendance. Maqsood Ahmad Shah was working as a carpenter in Srinagar and returned home on the weekends to be with his wife, two children, and old father.
Ali Mohammad Shah, 70, said he had expected his son to shoulder his coffin, not the other way round. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw people digging the grave for my only son,” he told Kashmir Reader at his home in Budgam.
“I was already feeling a bit lonely after losing my wife a decade back, and today while I was returning home from a neighbouring village, someone told me the news of my son’s death. Now I am living a lifeless life, without desire and meaningless,” the grieving father said.
“When I reached home, I encountered the most heart-wrenching sight a father could face — the grave of my sole son being prepared in front of my house,” Shah said.
“My family has been ruined and my home turned into a place of mourning,” he said in a broken voice. “I am waiting for my son to come home with the salt and the daily groceries from the market. He had told me to wait for him to return. I am waiting. I am eagerly waiting.
Come fast, it is getting late now. Come, and never leave again,” Shah lamented.
Inside the small two-room house, Maqsood’s wife stood by the door, supported by other women. She was weeping. Then she cried out, “Be kemis trawthas, mayne sartajo. Yeme shuer kass traw thak (This is the first time that I have broken into tears).”
“Maybe I am in a dream,” she said, her voice still trembling. Maqsood’s family lives within two small rooms and has no land or any other source of income. The killed man was the sole bread-earner.
“He had gone to Srinagar for work. He was a carpenter by profession and was doing work at Srinagar. He usually returned on the weekends to attend to his family,” said a neighbour.
A complete shutdown was observed in Gopalpora in Maqsood’s mourning.



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