The reason behind Manzoor’s disappearance

The reason behind Manzoor’s disappearance
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Kupwara: Residents of Dewar village said that whenever someone goes to the ‘behak’ at Trimokh Top, he has to bring stones or wooden logs to the army camp for the construction of bunkers there. A few months ago, Gulam Qadir Khan along with some villagers went to the behak but unlike every other person, he brought nothing with him. An army major, whom the villagers spoke of as ‘Major Shat’, started to abuse Gulam Qadir, but his son Manzoor, who had accompanied his father, resisted. The army major told Manzoor in front of several people that he will teach him a lesson. Gulam Qadir confirmed to Kashmir Reader the incident and said it took place about four months ago. “But I wonder how a major (rank officer) took such a step after all this time for a minor scuffle,” Gulam Qadir said.
A local police officer, wishing not to be named, said that everyone including the police knows that Manzoor was detained by the army and was beaten by them. He said that the police had registered a case but were unable to trace the missing youth. “It is true that he was detained by the army but we can’t say whether he is still in their camp. After the army’s denial (of having him in custody), we are worried about his life. PDP leader Haq Khan is their close relative. If he talks to the chief minister or with other ministers, they can put pressure on the army. Otherwise they will not release the detained person,” the police officer said.


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