Post-Eid affliction: Food poisoning cases swell, health dept issues advisory

Post-Eid affliction: Food poisoning cases swell, health dept issues advisory
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SRINAGAR: Health department has issued fresh advisory for people following the swell in Acute Diarrheal Diseases and food poisoning cases in Kashmir after Eid-ul-Azha.
The directorate of health services, Kashmir (DHSK) has issued fresh guidelines for people saying food preservation should be done properly to prevent cross-contamination especially when a good quantity of sacrificial meat is in store.
According to these directions, raw food from animals should be handled and prepared carefully as it is the source of contamination.
“People should avoid eating raw or spoiled meat and be careful that they don’t let juices or drippings from raw meat and poultry or for that matter fish and eggs touch other foods they plan to serve or eat. This will prevent cross-contamination,” Dr Manzoor Kadri, an Epidemologist at DHSK told Kashmir Reader.
According to doctors, the Health Institutions of Kashmir receive acute diarrhea patients since arrival of Eid.
They said at least 100 acute diarrheal patients were admitted in various district, sub-district and other health institutions of Kashmir.
“The number of patients suffering from either acute gastroenteritis or acute diarrhea has so far touched over 600 during past 4 days. They have been admitted here in Sub-district Hospitals. Nearly 50 have been admitted to Srinagar hospitals including SHMS Hospital, SKIMS Soura and SKIMS, Bemina,” they said.
However, as per officials at Public Health Laboratory, “no cholera case was received”.
“It is a positive sign, as acute gastroenteritis cases, which usually turn up as cholera, have abruptly stopped. But we continue to receive acute diarrheal patients. So people need to take precautionary measures,” said a senior Epidemologist.

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