‘Mass genocide’ of Rohingya Muslims exposes hypocrisy of Burmese govt: Lashkar

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Srinagar: Strongly condemning the oppression on Rohingya Muslims, the Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Mahmood Shah on Tuesday said the “mass genocide” of Rohingya Muslims in Burma is the result of India-Burma alliance.
“Since Modi came into power, from Kashmir to Burma, the genocide of Muslims has strengthened (with) each passing day,” Shah said in a statement issued to GNS.
He said Myanmar government’s involvement in the “mass genocide” of Muslims exposes the hypocrisy of Burmese government.
“The tyranny being imposed on Muslims in Burma is a shameful act. World’s humanitarian organizations including United Nations (UN) are silent on the issue,” he said and urged the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to play its positive role in rescuing of Rohingya Muslims.
Mahmood Shah appreciated the response of Pakistan on the issue, saying Pakistan is taken as representative of Muslim community worldwide. “It is the blessing of Allah (SWT) which He has showered upon Pakistan. Pakistan must take proactive steps including cutting ties with Burmese Embassy. Pakistan is the one of the most prominent countries in the world (which) has embraced the displaced persons and has provided them with relief, shelter and food,” he said.
“We pray to Allah (SWT) that He eases the poor plight of Muslims, especially (of) Rohingya brethren, by Mujahideen. We pray that the oppressed take a strong stand against the tyrant,” LeT chief said.


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