KCSDS extends Eid greetings

Says, this Eid particularly somber and gloomy

Srinagar: KCSDS has also extended Eid greetings to people.
The statement said that though Eids have been bereft of any happiness for obvious reasons” in the last three decades, “this Eid is particularly somber and gloomy.
It said that the Eid was somber not just because of the continued dance of death and destruction, and attack on life, liberty, dignity, property, homes and hearth, and NIA operations against political activists leaders and businessmen, “but also because of the proposed judicial onslaught on our collective existence by way of robbing us of the very plank of our identity which keeps our land and jobs in the state the sole preserve for the distinct natives of the state”.
“This is proposed as ‘the permanent solution to our issue’ by the colonial masters”.



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