Court orders ‘rejected’, Aasiyeh Andrabi shifted to Jammu jail, says DeM

Court orders ‘rejected’, Aasiyeh Andrabi shifted to Jammu jail, says DeM
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Srinagar: Despite the J&K High Court quashing the Public Safety Act (PSA) on senior resistance leader Aasiyeh Andrabi and her aide, Fehmeeda Sofi, Dukhtaran-i-Millat (DeM) on Thursday said that Andrabi and Sofi were both shifted to Jammu by police.
“The PSA against Andrabi Sahiba and Fehmeeda Sahiba was quashed on Wednesday, and the order was later on served to Superintendent of Jammu District jail, SSP Srinagar, SSP Jammu, District Magistrate and others, but both these women leaders were shifted to Jammu jail at around 4:30 PM on Thursday,” DeM general secretary Nahida Nasreen said in a statement.
While quashing the PSA, the court had yesterday directed the J&K police to release Aasiyeh and Fehmeeda, after seeing their health condition.
“This was a gory example of how this puppet government and the police here disrespect the orders of their own courts. Court issued release orders of both Andrabi and Fehmeeda, but the Indian puppets and the police did not act upon these orders. Instead they do what pleases them and their master in Delhi. So they shifted the duo to Jammu,” Nasreen said.
The DeM secretary general said that the court orders were “disrespected” and not followed “on the directions of Mehbooba Mufti”.
“When the first PSA was slapped against Andrabi this year, she had to be lodged at Baramulla jail as per the order, but Mehbooba (Mufti) gave directions and asked the police to shift the party chairperson and Fehmeeda to Jammu. This time as well, she, while paying no heed to the orders from her own court, has asked the police to shift Andrabi and Fehmeeda to Jammu.”
“As we have already said that this government wants to murder her in custody, today’s action seems to be part of that plot. This is slow poisoning, as a critical patient is sent to a Jammu jail without even giving her the required medical care,” Nasreen said.
The DeM said that Aasiyeh Andrabi suffered an “acute” asthma attack within the courtroom, and her condition deteriorated so much that “she couldn’t even breathe”. The duo was admitted to two Srinagar hospitals.
Nasreen said that Aasiyeh was taken back into police custody and was lodged in Rambagh police station late in the night. “Fehmeeda Sofi was kept at SMHS for the night. Both had to undergo some tests,” she added.
“On Thursday, Aasiyeh was told that she would be taken to CD hospital but instead was lodged in Rajbagh police station and kept there for hours. The doctors had recommended that she be brought back to the hospital on Thursday morning, but she was taken out from Rambagh police station and was told that she has to go to CD hospital,” Nasreen added.
“Till 1:00 PM, Andrabi didn’t reach CD hospital but was kept inside the police station Rajbagh, which is meant for men. In between, reliable sources told us that police had gone to CD hospital and tried to pressurize the hospital authorities to issue a fake health certificate recommending that Andrabi is fit to travel. This all was part of the plan,” she alleged.
Nasreen said, “One fails to understand this kind of cruelty. Andrabi needs continuous supply of oxygen and other treatment but she has been shifted to Jammu jail against doctors’ recommendation and against the orders of their own High court.” She went on to add: “Sofi Fehmeeda, on the other hand, was forcibly taken out from hospital and lodged in Rambagh police station. No discharge certificate was issued, and police forcibly shifted her to Rambagh police station this morning, and later on she too was shifted to Jammu.”
“This is the worst form of human rights’ violation,” Nasreen said while urging human rights organisations and world bodies to take “strong” notice of this”. “World should know how people of Kashmir are being subjugated and how their voices are being choked. This is barbaric that an ailing woman, who needs continuous oxygen, supply to breathe, has been shifted to a Jammu jail and is being denied the treatment as well,” she added.
The DeM said that female detainees “cannot be subjected to travel during night but in case of Kashmir, no law is being followed”.
“They [Andrabi and Sofi] were brought to Srinagar from Jammu on 27th August and reached Rambagh at 2:30 AM, and today they were taken from here at 4:30 PM and expected to be at Amphalla midnight,” the statement said. “Such things won’t deter the party from demanding their birth right and it will continue to resist the brutal Indian rule in every form.”




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