KCSDS condemns ASI killing, decries normalisation of violence

Srinagar: Kashmir Centre for Social and Development Studies has condemned the “merciless killing” of ASI Abdul Rashid and attributed it to “normalisation of violence by the state”, and “brutalization” and “dehumanization” of society.
In a statement issued here KCSDS said it is terribly disturbed by the relentless killing spree in the valley “as it gratifies the carnivorous instinct of the state to spill more and more blood of Kashmiri Muslims whereby it normalises violence as a only tool to deal with people’s just struggle for their rights which has resulted in the brutalization and dehumanization of the entire society”.
It said that the under the circumstances, those who “challenge the oppressive state, have started imbibing the traits of their oppressors.”
Stating that “Our heart” goes out to the wailing and crying daughter of ASI Rashid, KCSDS reiterated that the oppressed would lose their moral compass and superiority “if they descend to the level of their oppressors.”