Artists create installation to protest enforced disappearances

Artists create installation to protest enforced disappearances
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SRINAGAR: A group of young artists on Wednesday created an installation of Tulip Garden using paint, plastic-flowers and iron nails as a protest against the enforced disappearances in Jammu and Kashmir on the International Day of Disappeared.
The artists, expressing solidarity, stood side by side with the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons and created a miniature on the banks of Dal Lake here.
Artists like Khytul Abayad, Qazi Tabiah Mueen and others creating seven terraces – like lines on the ground – to recreate the shape of Kashmir’s Tulip Garden.
Khytul Abayad, an art and design student of Beaconhouse National University in Pakistan, told Kashmir Reader that the purpose of creating a garden was to represent how India, by beautifying the land gardens, was hiding the realities of human rights in the war torn region.
“What we did here is what exactly what our state (India) is doing in Kashmir. The reality is we killed the grass by painting it and hurt the ground by pushing nails into it,” she said. “By doing such things here, India is burying the reality.”
Qazi Tabiah Mueen, a fine art student of Kashmir University, said that art is a strong form of an expression that one can use to give vent to their emotions. “When you organise events like these, it grabs the attention of common people not only in Kashmir but across the globe as it does not have boundaries” she said.

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