China asks India to prevent Doklam-like incidents in future

China asks India to prevent Doklam-like incidents in future
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Beijing: A day after Chinese Army asked India to draw lessons from the Doklam episode, the country’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated a similar stance asking India to prevent a repeat of the standoff in future.
“We hope the Indian side will learn lessons from this incident and prevent similar incidents from happening again,” Wang said at a press conference on the preparations for the BRICS summit next week, which will be attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
On Monday, both India and China decided to withdraw troops from the border post diplomatic talks, ending a 75-day long standoff.
Wang said that it’s normal for two giant neighbour nations to have differences, but they needed to set them aside and work out a solution in the long run.
“There is huge potential and space for greater cooperation between China and India. And such cooperation serves the interests of the two countries and people`s,” said the Chinese foreign minister further adding, “We hope through the efforts from both sides we will maintain healthy and stable momentum of growth. This is in the interest of not only Indian and Chinese people, but also meets the aspirations of the international community,”
China has said its forces will continue to patrol in Doklam, known in Chinese as Donglang.
“In the meantime, with our engagement through a different mechanism, we need to work out a solution in the long run.” (Agencies)

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