Active diplomacy can return Kashmir to international focus: former Pak high commissioner to India

Active diplomacy can return Kashmir to international focus: former Pak high commissioner to India

Srinagar: Former Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit has asked his country to move towards active diplomacy to revive the Kashmir issue at international forums.
He, however, observed that the events of 9/11 helped the government of India in “convincing” the global community that the “struggle for freedom in Kashmir was terrorism”.
Speaking at a seminar on Monday in Islamabad, Basit said, “Pakistan should abandon its apologetic stance on Kashmir.”
“Even though India wanted to start dialogue with Pakistan, it was not ready to speak about Kashmir,” he said, speaking at the seminar ‘Indian Designs to Change Demography of Kashmir — Violation of UN Resolutions and International Law’.
“We need to make a productive policy as the people of Kashmir are not ready to accept Indian control. We don’t have to start backdoor diplomacy as it will not be productive,” he said while maintaining that Kashmir remained a major bone of contention between the two countries as several wars had been fought over it so far.
On the issue of instability in Afghanistan, Basit stressed on “border management between Pakistan and Afghanistan along with reconciliation”.
“It was a fact that relations between the two countries were marked by contradictions,” he said about Pakistan’s relations with the United States. “The US wanted Afghanistan to remain in turmoil, which was a challenge for Pakistan. On the other hand, peace in Pakistan is linked directly to peace in Afghanistan. We need to convince the US media and their think tanks that there is no divergence in interests of Pakistan and the US,” he said.


2 Responses to "Active diplomacy can return Kashmir to international focus: former Pak high commissioner to India"

  1. WWW   August 30, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    He is a manipulator. he wants to kick the Foreign Secretary out of his job and get into that chair.

  2. Pakistan Nemesis   August 30, 2017 at 7:08 am

    Mr Pakistanis and Mr Basits,

    The challenge that you have posed to Indians in general, and Hindus in particular, that you want to conquer Kashmir by any which way.

    Surely, respected Modiji Government, Indians and Hindus in particular have gladly accepted your challenge. We welcome the opportunity it provides to fulfill our deepest desire to take revenge against your satanic, jihadist Islamic country for destruction of >30,000 temples, killing of 8 million Hindus, causing destruction of Hindu population in satanic Pakistan and our Kashmir valley to <1%.

    when you were in India, we had in India, congress party duly established by Mohammad Jawahar Nehru. People of India then did not know that this party wanted to cause decimation of everything Hindu, and help establish another Pakistan in India. Now we have Respected Modiji is in full charge as a PM. He is another Valiant ruler like Chandragupt Maurya.

    India's Mandate now is clear. we will decimate Pakistan to smithereens. and if you your family is ever caught, you and your entire family will be hanged in in the Lal Chawk of Kashmir till death.

    I am sure you are a strong man, you will definitely accept our challenge so that we can get you deliverance that you and all Pakistanis are seeking. we assure a quick and clean job.

    Thank you.

    All eager Indians