LeT endorses Salahudin on Dubai conference

LeT endorses Salahudin on Dubai conference
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Warns ‘humanitarian workers to not play into the hands of perpetrators’

Srinagar: The Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) on Monday endorsed the statement of United Jihad Council chief Syed Salahudin on the Dubai conference, which he termed as a “futile exercise” and its participants as “working on payrolls”. The three-day conference in Dubai on the issue of Kashmir had called for “cessation of hostilities on all sides”.
In a statement, LeT chief Mahmood Shah said the statement of Syed Salahuddin represents “the sentiments of whole Kashmiri nation”.
“We would like to request the pro-freedom participants to at least remember those who put forth their sacrifices in the freedom movement,” he said. Without naming anyone, the LeT also warned “humanitarian mission workers to not get themselves played into the hands of perpetrators, but (commit) to the righteous cause.”
The Dubai conference was hosted by British non-governmental organisation (NGO) Conciliation Resources, in collaboration with the Kashmir Initiative Group, from July 31 to August 2, 2017. The participants had urged that “cessation of hostilities be ensured on all sides”, while recommending that India and Pakistan return to the 2003 LoC ceasefire agreement. Salahudin, the chief of United Jehad Council, a grouping of Kashmiri militant outfits, said that he was displeased that participants who have been associated with the pro-freedom movement maintained silence in the conference.


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