UK MP accuses Pakistanis of importing wives for disabled sons

UK MP accuses Pakistanis of importing wives for disabled sons
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LONDON: A UK MP has criticised some British-Pakistanis for reportedly “going and getting a wife from abroad” for their disabled sons.
Labour MP Jess Phillips said the practice was among “lots of cases” she dealt with where people from Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities behaved “unacceptably” towards women.
“Well, sorry, the British Pakistani-Bangladeshi community, certainly where I am, has issues about women’s roles in a family, in society,” she was quoted as saying by ‘The Times’.
“That’s the truth. Not all of them, obviously. But I have lots of cases on my books. The acceptability of going and getting a wife from abroad if your son is disabled, for example. As if he deserves to have a wife and we’ll just get one from Pakistan. That’s not okay in my book,” she said.
She made the comment in reference to her Labour party colleague, Sarah Champion, who quit as shadow equalities minister after writing in ‘The Sun’ about Pakistani Muslim men abusing white girls.
The Ann Craft Trust, which works with the learning- disabled, said there was a “serious problem” of British Asian people with learning disabilities being forced into marriage without giving their proper consent.
Around 10 per cent of cases reported to the government’s forced marriage unit, 140 a year, concern people with learning disabilities.

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