JKPA continues protest to safeguard Article 35-A

SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir People’s Alliance continued its series of protests to safeguard the Article 35A, party statement issued here said.
It said members of JKPA participated in protest led by its president Sheikh Imran at press enclave here. All the participants had black umbrellas in their hands, black wrist bands knotted on their arms, he said. “The black colour clearly shows the anger of youth on their faces.”
Defending Article 35A, the statement said, JKPA had set its goal that the party will fight unless and until the central as well as state government will not show their positive response to safeguard Article 35-A.
“All the core group members which include president Sheikh Imran general secretary and vice president showed their anger for bringing the article 35A to the Supreme Court,” it said.
JKPA also supported the call given by the resistance leadership on 29th August in support of the Article 35A. The party also appealed people to protest outside their sacred religious places for 5 minutes “which will be enough to deliver a concrete message” to the Supreme Court in defence of Article 35A.
“At JKPA, we believe that the decision of Supreme Court will break all the anti-brotherhood elements and will respect the constitution of India as it is,” the statement said, adding, that further program of party will be announced soon.