Real Stakeholders

Real Stakeholders
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The conflict in and over Kashmir has, unfortunately, spawned a cottage industry of sorts. The thrust of this industry is to hold conferences, seminars and other related themes on Kashmir and the conflict thereof. Usually, participants of these conferences get to travel, enjoy ne destinations and get opportunities for networking for self advancement. One such conference that has come to notice is the one held in Dubai where participants held and articulated their own notions about the conflict. The real issue that this raises is about the locus standi of these participants and the real stakeholders of the conflict in and over Kashmir. The conflict has many undertones, overtones and multiple dimensions but the only legitimate stakeholders of the conflict are the countries involved in the conflict dyad and the people of Jammu and Kashmir. These are the stakeholders who have a real, genuine and standing locus standi on the conflict. Others are merely self described wannabes who interject and impose themselves without any legitimacy. Pending resolution of the conflict, it is only real stakeholders that can actually speak about the conflict and the peoples of Kashmir. The rest is mere hogwash. In the final analysis, it is a travesty, that an industry which employs Kashmir for self advancement , foreign trips and allied benefits, has developed. The fact of the matter is that the conflict in and over Kashmir has led to immense suffering for the people of Kashmir and the conflict holds hostage two nuclear armed powers, India and Pakistan to it. It is these entities and the people of Kashmir who ultimately have to decide on the resolution of the conflict. The reasons why others fill in the gaps, and tout their views on conflict resolution, is that dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir has stalled. The attendant vacuum is filled by self described people who, to repeat, have neither a locus standi on the dispute nor are its genuine stakeholders. Instead of conferences and seminars on Kashmir, what is required are genuine and robust conflict resolution attempts wherein all stakeholders and the people of Jammu and Kashmir are on board. Lip gloss and window dressing through conferences and so on will not help. This is what prudence, sense and sensibility suggest. Let the conflict and its various dimensions concentrate the minds of powers that be and let a multi- stakeholder conflict resolution paradigm be instituted. This, more than anything else, is the need of the hour!

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